Parkin Biscuits

A recent quest for a parkin recipe brought forth two further discoveries.  A vintage treacle recipe book (a quick google of the Advertising Archive dates it to 1954.) and contained within a parkin recipe with a difference.  One that piqued my curiosity and just had to be tested.  For on reading it was clear this was no parkin cake recipe.


The recipe was easy to make but the thought of putting no ginger in anything parkiny was too much for me, so I added about a teaspoon.  I also put in nowhere near the amount of mixed spice suggested (mostly as tester in chief mother doesn’t really like it.) I’d personally put more, so that’s one for a future experiment. The mixture produced a glorious sticky dough and the resulting biscuits were just the right sort of chewy soft, without going dry.  I’ll definitely be making these again and I can’t quite believe I’ve only just discovered it.

Parkin-dough.jpg   Parkin-biccies.jpg

7oz flour
3oz butter
4oz medium oatmeal
3oz sugar
1/2 oz mixed spice
Pinch of nutmeg
6oz treacle
1/2 teaspoon of bicarb
1 teaspoon of milk


Rub butter into flour, add oatmeal, sugar, spice and nutmeg and pour in warmed treacle.  Add bicarb dissolved in milk.  Form in 14 balls and place on baking tray leaving space to spread.  Flatten slightly and brush over with milk.  Bake for 15 mins at gas mark 4.


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Aspiring Spinster Detective who likes nothing better than to watch some cricket. My world goes by with a little help from gin, vino, tea and cake.
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7 Responses to Parkin Biscuits

  1. Had to improvise a bit with jumbo porridge oats and light brown sugar, so they’re a little more cookie-ish and nowhere near as neat as yours, but I was able to make these tonight and can confirm that they are indeed tasty! I’m now awaiting the cries of ‘blasphemy!’ from any of my Northern friends who see the photo of them on Facebook…

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  3. kirsteen says:

    Bert, these were lovely! Feeling quite autumnal now with treacle & spice smelling kitchen

  4. Lesley Frost says:

    Did you use self raising or plain flour

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